10 basic rules to use the Library:


  1. Your electronic student ID is the MUG Library card as well, so you can borrow books right now,
  2. Learn about the Library services and pass the required Library Training Online,
  3. Leave your jacket and backpack at the cloakroom in a locker,
  4. Remember to silence your phone,
  5. Do not bring food or beverages in open containers inside the Readers Zone (bottled clear water and thermal mugs allowed),
  6. Remember to follow the Study Rooms Regulations,
  7. If you are leaving the Library for more than 30 minutes, then take your things with you - let other students use your space,
  8. When you finish using a book, just leave it on designated cart or give it to a Librarian,
  9. When you borrow a book, pay attention to its return date. All books that you borrow from the Reading Room must be returned by 11:00 on the following day,
  10. You may access many Library resources from your home computer - just sign-up for remote access.