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Borrowing Library materials

General lending rules

MUG electronic student’s card is the MUG Library card as well, so you can borrow books without any additional formalities.

First-year students’ Library accounts will be activated on 28.09.2018 at 3 p.m.

To borrow a book one should:

  • find it in the Library catalogue and, if it's available, request it online after logging into reader's account,
  • in case of items not included in online catalogue, find them in the digitized card catalogue and request it also online.

MUG student has the right to have up to 15 items borrowed at the same time.

The majority of basic textbooks may be borrowed by the students for a period of 6 months, remaining items  for 1 month.

There is a possibility to renew checked out items and to reserve items borrowed by other users.

According to the Regulations for Accessing the Collections, the following items are not loaned:

  • periodicals,
  • Ph.D. theses, Master’s dissertations, Bachelor’s dissertations,
  • items edited before 1945,
  • valuable and rare items,
  • anatomical models of bones.

The requested books are to be collected personally; it is obligatory to show the student's card while picking up the items.

Students are supposed to treat the borrowed materials with all due care and attention as well as are obliged to observe the loan period of books.

In case the borrowed items are not returned by their due dates, the student’s library account is immediately blocked and fines amounting to 0.50 zł per volume per day are applied by the system.
Remember: the fines shall be paid at the Lending Unit, and payment is possible with the payment cards, only.

After the end of the academic year students have to:

  • return the used items as well as books that could not be renewed,
  • pay up all fines.

More information conc. borrowing Library materials are to be found in the next part of this section.

User account

User account is available from each screen of the Library catalogue.

To log in a user account one should provide:

  • Library card number - students provide the student's ID: 55000xxxxx- where xxxxx means album number,
  • password, i.e. date of birth by default, e.g. 951231*
    *password can be modified after logging in
      user account

The account contains information concerning:

  • list of currently checked out items,
  • the status of requested items (available for pickup, pending, checked out),
  • due return dates of checked out items,
  • fines for overdue items - the fines are applied by the system systematically,
  • the history of checking out.

After logging into account, you can:

  • request the items for borrowing,
  • reserve books borrowed by other users,
  • renewal date of return.


You should ALWAYS LOG OUT by clicking the logout button to block the access to the user account.

Check your account - you will avoid paying the fines.

If you change your e-mail address, report it at the Circulation department - thanks to that you will be still receiving information on items to pickup and expiring date of return.