Regulations of collecting personal data in Medical University of Gdańsk

Due to the entry into force of The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) the Main Library informs that:

1. The administrator of your personal data is Medical University of Gdańsk based in Gdańsk, Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 3A, 80-210 Gdańsk,

2. The Data Protection Inspector in Medical University of Gdańsk is Piotr Małecki (,

3. Your personal data will be processed using the Tricity Libraries IT System (Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music, Gdynia Maritime University, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Medical University of Gdansk, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, European Solidarity Centre) in order to enable the use of library resources on the basis of art. 6 par. 1 lit. A of the general regulation of personal data of 27 April 2016,

4. Your personal data will not be disclosed to other entities, except for entities authorized under the law, debt collection companies or companies supporting IT services,

5. Your personal data will be kept for a period required by law,

6. You have the access to the content of your data, the right to demand rectification them, the right to remove or limit of their use, the right to transfer them, the right to post an objection in relation to their processing and the right to withdraw legal consent at any time,

7. You have the right to make a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection, if it is justified that your personal data are processed by the administrator in breach of the general regulation of personal data of 27 April 2016,

8. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, the refusal to provide them may result in the refusal to provide the service.

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Textbooks from Library collection recommended for English Division students 2017-02-17


Gross Anatomy with Neuroscience

Atlas of Human Anatomy / Netter F. H.; Saunders / Elsevier

Basic Clinical Neuroscience / Young P. A., Young P. H., Tolbert D. L.; Wolters Kluwer Health / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

The Brain Atlas: a Visual Guide to the Human Central Nervous System / Woolsey T. A., Hanaway J., Gado M. H.,; Wiley

Clinical Neuroanatomy & Neuroscience / FitzGerald M. J. T., Gruener G., Mtui E.; Saunders / Elsevier
online access also at ClinicalKey

Clinically Oriented Anatomy / Moore K. L., Dalley II A. F., Agur A. M. R.; Wolters Kluwer Health / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Gray's Anatomy for Students / Drake R. L., Vogl A. W., Mitchell A. W. M.; Churchill Livingstone / Elsevier
online access also at ClinicalKey

Gross Anatomy / Chung K. W., Chung H. M.; Wolters Kluwer Health / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Histology with Cell Physiology

Atlas Histologiczny (english version) / Myśliwski A., Trzonkowski P., Okrój M., Dobrzańska Z.; Operon

Cell and Molecular Biology / Chandar N, Viselli S.; Wolters Kluwer Health / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Cell Biology and Histology / Gartner L. P., Hiatt J. L., Strum J. M.; Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Color Atlas of Cytology, Histology and Microscopic Anatomy / Kuehnel W.; Thieme

Color Textbook of Histology / Gartner L. P., Hiatt J. L., Saunders / Elsevier
online access also at ClinicalKey

Histology: a Text and Atlas : with Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology / Ross M. H., Pawlina W., Wolters Kluwer Health / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Junqueira’s Basic Histology: Text and Atlas / Mescher A. L. [ed. by]; McGraw-Hill Medical / Lange
online access at AccessMedicine


Biochemistry / R. H. Garrett, Grisham C. M.; Thomson Brooks / Cole

General Chemistry / Pauling L.; Dover Publications


Biophysics / Glaser R.; Springer
online access also at SpringerLink Books

Physics in Biology and Medicine / Davidovits P.; Elsevier


The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology / Moore K. L., Persaud T. V. N., Torchia M. G.; Saunders / Elsevier
online access also at ClinicalKey

Human Embryology and Developmental Biology / Calson B. M.; Mosby / Elsevier
online access also at ClinicalKey

Larsen's Human Embryology / Schoenwolf G. C.; Churchill Livingstone / Elsevier
online access also at ClinicalKey

History of Medicine with Elements of Philosophy

Medicine: an Illustrated History / Lyons A. S., Petrucelli R. J.; Abradale Press / Abrams

Introduction to Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine: Just the Facts / O. Ma J. [ed by.]; McGraw-Hill

Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine / Wyatt J. P.  [ed by.]; Oxford University Press

Study Guide for Emergency Care in the Streets / Caroline N. L.; Little, Brown & Co.

Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine / Tintinalli's J. E. [et al.]; McGraw-Hill
online access only at AccessMedicine

Nursing Care Activities

Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History-Taking / Bickley L. S.; Wolters Kluwer Health / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Lippincott’s Visual Encyclopedia of Clinical Skills; Wolters Kluwer / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures / Dougherty L., Lister S., Blackwell Publishing

Basic Polish I

Basic Polish: ćwiczenia gramatyczno-leksykalne dla studentów I roku English Division / Krawczuk E., Kołtoniak M.; Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny

Chcę studiować medycynę: język polski dla cudzoziemców - kandydatów na studia medyczne / Lechowicz J., Podsiadły J.; Wing

Zaczynam mówić po polsku / Kucharczyk J.; Wing

Psychology in Medicine

Abnormal Psychology / Seligman M. E. P, Walker E. F., Rosenhan D. L.; W. W. Norton & Company

The Doctor's Communication Handbook / Tate P.; Radcliffe Publishing Ltd

Handbook of Personality Psychology / Hogan R. [ed. by]; Elsevier

Health Psychology / Taylor S. E.; Oxford University Press

Health Psychology: a Textbook / Ogden J.; Open University Press

Mastering Communication with Seriously Ill Patients : balancing honesty with empathy and hope / Back A.,  Arnold R., Tulsky J.; Cambridge University Press

Psychology and Life / Gerrig R. J., Zimbardo P. G.; Allyn & Bacon

Skills for Communicating with Patients / Silverman J., Kurtz S. and Draper J.; Radcliff Medical Press

Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics: a Case-Based Approach / Schwartz L., Preece P. E., Hendry R. A.; Saunders Ltd.

Medical Ethics and Law: the Core Curriculum / Hope T., Savulescu J., Hendrick J.; Churchill Livingstone

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