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Library's teaching and training activities

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Library collection

The Library collects books from the medical, pharmaceutical, dentistry, nursing and health sciences field, as well as from cognate sciences fields, i.e. chemistry, biology, physics, psychology etc.

The collection of the Library comprises the resources of the Main Library, the Library of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the libraries of the clinics and various departments.

  • at present our collection amounts to (as for 31.12.2015) 451.645 units, including:







special collections



  • currently there are 404 journal titles coming in, including 55 foreign and 349 Polish titles subscribed by the Library and acquired by gifts and exchange
  • the Library is a member of the following consortia:
    • EBSCO
    • Elsevier
    • Springer
    • Wiley
    • Your Journals@Ovid
    • SCOPUS
    • BMJ
  • the Library provides access to about 24.000 e-journals
  • users have access also to 33.000 e-books titles

  Library users


The Main Library users in the number of 9.038 (as for 31.12.2015) can use the 20 computer workstations with access to the Internet; in the Library the wireless access to the Internet is also provided.

Three reading rooms are available to Library visitors: Reading Room 1, Reading Room 2 and Scientific Information Reading Room. There is free access to their collections.

 The reading rooms have more than 200 seats.

Library's teaching and training activities

The Main Library conducts the didactical classes delivered via e-learning to MUG students at the undergraduate and doctoral levels, including:

  • the obligatory classes for all the first-year students - the aim of these courses is to familiarise students with the Library regulations and the rules of using its collections and services, mostly the ways of searching for and ordering the literature,
  • the obligatory and facultative classes for undergraduate and doctoral students improving their medical scientific information literacy competencies


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