2012 /  our University has been awarded in the „Pozytywista Roku 2011" competition

Medical University of Gdańsk has been awarded diploma and medal granted by the "Wokulski" Foundation for Regional Business Incubators, in the „Pozytywista Roku 2011" competition, in the Art and Culture category.

This award was granted for the conception and implementation of the Pomeranian Digital Library (p_b_c) partnership project, which our Library attends. Gdańsk University of Technology - the project leader - received a special award.

diploma and medal


2010 /  our Library has been granted the medal BIBLIOTHECA MAGNA PERENNISQUE by the Main Board of the Polish Librarians Association.

The Library has been awarded this medal of merit for the contribution to the development of librarianship.

diploma and medal


2004  / The Library's website was awarded second place in the "Najlepsze witryny internetowe bibliotek polskich" (The best Polish libraries' websites) competiton. It was organised in 2004 by Komisja Wydawnictw Elektronicznych (Electronic Publications Commission) and Komisja Automatyzacji (Automation Commission) appointed by Zarząd Główny Stowarzyszenia Bibliotekarzy Polskich (the Main Board of the Polish Librarians Association) in the category of university libraries, science institutes and state institutions.

diploma, website


2018 / the launch of the new Library website

2017 / Library was given a grant for PPM project

2017 / a new arrangement of the entrance hall and the cafe, the creation of the eating space for students next to the cafe

2016 / September 26 / the "new opening" of the Main Library upgraded spaces

2016 / Anna Grygorowicz, MUG's Library Director re-elected – for the third time – a member of the Executive Council of the Conference of Directors of Polish Academic Schools Libraries (KDBASP) for the term 2016-2020

2015 / November / renovation and modernization of the Library building started

2015 / Library organized XXXIII national Medical Libraries Problem Conference

2015 / another design concept of MUG's Library building extension created; November 2015 - start of the reconstruction

2014 / MUG's Library Director re-elected – for the second term – President of the Conference of Directors of the Medical Universities Academic Libraries (KDBAUM)

2013 / MUG's Library Director re-elected member of the Executive Council of the Conference of Directors of Polish Academic Schools Libraries (KDBASP) for the term 2013-2017

2013 / completion of card catalogues digitization

2011 /Library modernization and expansion project

2010 / MUG's Library Director elected:

  • elected President of the Conference of Directors of the Medical Universities Academic Libraries (KDBAUM)

  • member of the Executive Council of the Conference of Directors of Polish Academic Schools Libraries (KDBASP)

2010 / on February 1st, 2010 the Library of the Interdepartamental Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia was closed down

2009 / the Library changed its name (May 19th, 2009) to Biblioteka Główna Gdańskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego due to the change of our University's name from Akademia Medyczna w Gdańsku to Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny

2009 / the new Library webpage was launched

2009 / Library started, in cooperation with other libraries of Pomeranian Voivodeship and with the support of UE funds, the Pomeranian Digital Library project

2008 / installation of air conditioning in the Library's Reading Rooms

2006 / Library made available free access to the reading rooms collections thanks to implementation of the security system protecting the books and other materials

2005 / new method of e-learning introduced by the Library to perform didactical classes: The Library developed and implemented in the curriculum of first-year students the subject Szkolenie biblioteczne online (Library Training Online) delivered via Internet; up to 2009 this training was purchased and implemented by six Polish academic libraries

2005 /  Library joined the NUKAT (Polish National Union Catalogue) and started the process of shared cataloguing in cooperation with Subject Headings Vocabulary Thesaurus MeSH.pl

2005 / the ex-libris competition organized by the Library to mark the 60th anniversary of founding of the Medical University of Gdańsk and its Main Library

2005 / Library defined their mission and development directions for the years 2005-2010

2004 / Library organized XXIII national Medical Libraries Problem Conference "Policy of acquisiton and profiling of the collections in Polish medical libraries in the era of modern information technologies"

2003 / the collections of the Library of the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia were added to the MUG Main Library collections

2001 / begining of cataloguing with the support of the VIRTUA computer system

2000 / the information on Library collections were made available on the Internet

1993 / Library organized and hosted the 13th Medical Libraries Problem Conference "Scientific activity of the medical libraries. Computer-support of the library and information processes in the medical libraries."

1991 / first computers installed in the Library for library processes and reference desk activities

1985 / founding of the Library of the Faculty of Pharmacy

1981 / first meeting of the directors of Polish medical libraries, i.e. the Central Medical Library and the medical academies' libraries initiating close cooperation of these libraries and series of their annual problem conferences

1968 / on October 1st,1968 the grand inauguration of the new edifice took place;
the total volume of the building at Dębinki str., 1, which is the Library headquarters till now, amounts to 13,000 m3, the total surface area is 3,979 m2 of which 1,381.4 m2 are taken by the books stack-rooms

1966 / the project of new Library building was brought to life

1949 / the first strides were made to build the new Library headquarters, because of the poor technical condition of the pavilion and the need for more space to accomodate the increasing number of readers and the increasing number of books

1947 /Library got its first headquartes - pavilon no. 30 (440 m2) on the premises of the State Clinical Hospital no. 1

1945 / the creation of the Library was started, simultaneously with the setting up of the Medical Academy (Akademia Lekarska) hospital departments