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Using the Reading Rooms 2017-07-07

Reading Room 1 & 2
Reading Room 1
Reading Room 2

Study Rooms
Scientific Information Reading Room

The right to on-site use of the Library's resources is entitled to all those interested in medical literature, and without the actual need to enrol at the Library.

All of the Library's collections, e-resources as well as original documents acquired by means of interlibrary loans are made available in the Library's Learning Zone within the Library opening hours.

Visitors may use the resources collected in the Reading Rooms on their own. Taking items out of the Lerning Zone is only possible by permission from the Librarian on duty. 

People using the Library's resources on-site are kindly asked to leave their bags, overcoats, rucksacks, umbrellas, etc. in the cloakroom lockers.

Reading Rooms 1 & 2  

Reading Rooms collections consists of books on particular fields of medicine and other related sciences, including the newest foreign acquisitions, handbooks and textbooks for students as well as encyclopaedias and language and terminological dictionaries. Resources are divided into thematic sections, and stored on numbered and fully described shelves.
It is also possible to use every item currently available in the Library's collection as well as current press releases on-site in the Main Reading Room. Requesting items from the store-room requires filling a traditional Request

Here you can find Polish and foreign printed journals that have been acquired by the Library in the current year. The collection is divided into Polish and foreign journals sections, with the items sorted alphabetically within particular fields of medicine.
Journal issues enjoying the greatest popularity among the readers in the last ten years are stored in the neighbouring Computer Room.m.

For detailed regulations on using the Main Reading Room, including short-term loans, see the Reading Rooms 1 & 2 Regulations.

Reading Rooms 1 

   The collections are arranged thematically and they include:

Anatomical models
I. Reference Collection II. Pre-health Sciences
III. Practical Medicine IV. Medical Specializations

A to Z

Daily press

Reading Rooms 2

The collections gathered in this Reading Room include:

IV. Medical Specializations
V. Medical Professions VI. Public Health  

Study Rooms

Users with a MUG's student ID or MUG's library card can use the 6 study rooms of individual and group work (A1-A6):

  •      4 double rooms,
  •      1 room for group of 4 people
  •      1 room for group of 6 people.

Scientific Information Reading Room

Library's e-resources

(for didactic, educational,
and scientific purposes only)

Office package

Reference manager

 Reference Collection


full-text dissertations
from the MUG Master and
Bachelor Dissertations Database

Netter's 3D Interactive Anatomy

Full-text e-journals

Computer tools



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