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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 2016-11-29

How do I request and borrow a book from the Library's collection?

To request a book use the online Library catalogue.
In case of resources that were acquired by the Library before 1995 and are not yet available in the online catalogue, use the traditional paper Request Form, which should be completed with the necessary data found in the Library's card catalogue.

more information – see borrowing services

I am a MUG electronic student ID holder. Does that automatically mean I can borrow books from the Library?

All MUG students are automatically enrolled to the Library and  electronic student ID is the MUG Library card as well, so there is no obstacles to borrow books.

How can I renew my borrowed Library items?

You can renew the borrowed items online using your account. The books may be renewed:

  • each item twice, each time for 30 days
  • no sooner than 5 days before the return date, but still before it expires
  • exceptions are items that are reserved.

Renewal starts the day it is made.

What will happen if I fail to return the borrowed items by due date?

If you fail to return the borrowed items by due date your library account will be suspended and fines will be applied, according to the price list.

Is it possible to reserve a book that is currently borrowed by another person?

Yes, You can reserve:

  • up to 4 books (over the borrowing limit)
  • no sooner than 30 days before the return date.

When the reserved item is returned, user receives an e-mail stating that it can be collected (within 5 days) and indicating the request expiration date.

In what time from submitting a request can I pick up the books from the Lending Unit?

Make sure you pick up your books within 5 days (including Sundays and holidays) from submitting a request. If the books are not picked up within that period, they will be returned to the storeroom. Before you pick up your books you are advised to check in your Library account whether their status is set to: available for picking up.

How do I get the semester credit from the Library?

This service is provided by the Lending Unit, to which you should report along with your Student's Examination/Credit Register (Karta okresowych osiagnięć studenta). The librarian on duty will check whether you have any overdue items on your account and/or whether you owe any late fees to the Library. If you successfully pass the verification you will receive credit on your Register to confirm that.

What should I do if I have lost my Library card?

Lost Library cards should be as soon as possible reported to the Lending Unit. There is a possibility to get a replacement card (duplicate card), upon payment of the fee specified in the price list.

I have lost a borrowed Library item. What shall I do?

If you happen to lose a borrowed Library item please inform the Lending Unit about the incident. You will be asked to either return the same or newer edition of the lost item, or to return another item as indicated by the head of the Circulation Division.

Where do I return the borrowed books outside the Lending Unit opening hours?

Outside Lending Unit opening hours the borrowed books may be returned to the return box in the Main Library building side entrance vestibule (accessible from the Dębinki St.), which can be used:

  • on Mondays from 6:00 till 10:00 am
  • from Tuesday to Friday from 6:00 till 8:00 am.

Is it possible to access the Internet in the Library premises?

Yes, there are several Internet terminals located in:

  • Information Science Reading Room,
  • Reading Room 1; these terminals are only available for either the Library card or MUG student ID holders, after logging in.

You may use the Internet terminals for scientific and/or educational purposes only.
You can, of course, bring your own laptop to connect to the Internet.

Can I use my laptop computer in the Library premises?

Yes, of course. The following wireless Internet networks are available for use in the Library premises:

  • Library network – to log in to use the network you should choose the biblioteka (=Library) network and enter the password: biblioteka; than start with Library website:, next you shall be asked to provide your email address on the MUG server along with your email account password
  • eduroam (education roaming) – see how to gain access to the eduroam network at MUG, as well as more about eduroam worldwide

In the Main Library there are several places equipped with electricity sockets.

Can I access the Library's e-resources from home?

Yes. All MUG students, PhD students, and University research and teaching staff can gain access to the Library's e-resources via a proxy server. For more information, see remote access.

Where can I photocopy the Library materials?

You can make photocopies by using one of the two photocopying machines located in the Reading Room 1. Photocopiers are self-service and coin-operable. Cost is zł 0.15 per A4 copy. Keep in mind that the photocopiers do not give change.

Is it possible to print out data downloaded from the Internet in the Library premises?

Yes. You can make black & white printouts in the Reading Room 1
(2 self-service terminals; cost is zł 0.15 per A4 page).

Where can I find document/image scanners?

There are 1 self-service scanner (free of charge) available for all the users in the Reading Room 1. One should bring one's own USB memory or CD-Rom to save the file.

How can I order Library materials that are not available in any of the Tricity libraries' collections?

You can order Library materials from libraries outside Tricity through the Interlibrary Loans Unit by filling out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form. All necessary costs are covered by the person submitting the request. The due date for returning the ordered items is set by the lending Library. Original materials acquired in this way are only available to be used on-site in the Library's Reading Rooms.

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