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E-journals in our collection 2017-07-05

available in the university network and via the proxy server

if you are looking for a particular journal in its electronic version or you wish to see what titles are made available online by the Library, use the:



 Full Text Finder,
which manages all the Library’s e-journals & e-books collection

The search on the website can be conducted by:

  • full journal title or words from the title (do not use abbreviations)
  • publisher
  • ISSN
  • subject category

At the same time the website allows to go automatically to other databases subscribed by the Library.

if you want to:

  • browse the journals by particular publishers/providers or
  • find full-text articles on a particular subject

search the e-journals databases:

Elsevier (publisher's server)  MUG&proxy
Elsevier (ICM server) MUG&proxy
Karger MUG&proxy
Oxford Journals Medicine MUG&proxy
Springer (publisher's server) MUG&proxy
Spinger (ICM server) MUG&proxy
Wiley MUG&proxy
Your Journals@Ovid MUG&proxy


 We kindly remind you that according to the copyright law as well as licence agreements it is prohibited to print and/or copy the whole journals issues or conference materials. The amount of articles downloaded at one time should correspond to the actual needs resulting from the scientific or didactic work. Any abuse of this rule may result in cutting off the access to the databases by the distributor.

In case of any difficulty in accessing the databases please contact: 

Piotr Rysztowski, phone (58) 349 10 46, e-mail:


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